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San Diego Mobile Notary Near You

We often see documentary issues as messy and overwhelming deals. A common way of visiting a notary usually takes half of your day, if not even more. Find a mobile notary near you to save hours of your time. In this article, we will explain how that functions in detail.

Mobile Notary Public Services

Mobile notaries are also known as traveling notaries. They don’t work in an office but come to their client’s houses or offices instead. A mobile notary lets you sign documents wherever you wish. This service has benefits for busy people who are signing many papers per day in different places.

Which Documents Can a Mobile Notary Administer?

A mobile notary public near your location has the same possibilities and rights as a regular one. The most common case for scheduling a mobile notary is a real estate deal. They can help you with any other document:

  • Trusts
  • Wills
  • Selling bills
  • General business contracts
  • Affidavits
  • Mortgage documents
  • Car ownership transfers, etc.

Mobile notaries often come to witness signatures on birth certificates, auto loans, and subpoenas. The algorithm doesn’t differ much from a regular one, and the signed document will have the same power.

How Does a Mobile Notary Work?

The process is not very different from a regular notary in San Diego visit.

  1. Define the place where you meet all parties and the notary.
  2. Schedule a comfortable time. You can even find a 24-hour mobile notary for extraordinary cases.
  3. Collect necessary documents for your deal.
  4. According to your request, a notary can print the documents and check them forward to save your time even more.
  5. A notary verifies the signers’ identities, checks papers for possible frauds, and ensures that all parties acknowledge what they are signing.
  6. Then they witness the signing and complete notary certificates.
  7. In the end, a notary marks a contract with a personal stamp and signature. 
  8. A notary can send your signed documents via UPS or FedEx if needed.

How Much Does a Mobile Notary Cost in San Diego?

Mobile notary prices are the same as usual. They vary from $0,25 to $20. The only difference is that you must cover their traveling costs as well. Almost all states limit the highest notary fees and transportation expenses. In San Diego, it is a $15 limitation per signature.

The final cost will depend on the difficulty of your deal and the amount of time spent by the notary. For example, a house-selling will require more time and documents to check than just a signature witness. Also, road expenses matter for a mobile notarization service.

San Diego Mobile Notary Cost

1st Notarization

$ 64
  • Includes $49 travel fee

Each Additional Notarization

$ 15
In most cases we can be there within 30 minutes of your phone call. Available 24/7.

General Notarization's Per Signature

  • Fees set by the State of California. Travel fees are additional.

Travel Fees

* Additional travel fees may apply to after hours (7pm – 8am) and holiday appointments.

24/7 Mobile Notary

Mobile notaries help clients in crucial situations when everything has to be done as speedily as possible. They often work with structured settlements or notarize medical documents like a medical proxy.

Another case when you may need a mobile notary is to co-sign a power of attorney. It is a document that allows participating in deals and signing papers on behalf of another person. A power of attorney is valid only after being notarized.

With the help of the nearest mobile notary public in San Diego, CA, you can validate these crucial documents at any moment and finish your deal on time.

Why Engage Us as a Local Mobile Notary in San Diego

San Diego City Notary provides clients with high-class mobile notarization in San Diego, CA. We pay attention to your comfort and know the cost of your time. Here is why our traveling agents strictly follow the time frames you settle for them at the start of communication. With (название 8организации), you get:

  • Presence of a certified & licensed member of a National Notary Association in South California
  • Honest and explained pricing for each deal
  • Accurate check of all documents and consulting on related issues

Choose mobile notaries nearby instead of a classical visit to an office. Save your time and stop spending dozens of time on documents.

The San Diego mobile notary visit is available with appointments only. Please fill out the contact form on our website and describe your request in quotes. San Diego City Notary has skills in working with escrow, brokers, lenders, and anyone else in need of juridical help.

We are looking forward to making deals with you.